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Pricing for Services

We aim for transparency. Our goal is to help you understand not only the services you may need but the related costs.

Pricing average around $35 for LiveScan fingerprinting but may range anywhere from $0 to $120.

Why can the price vary?

Pricing can vary because it is determined by the services required by the requesting agency and the level of background check. That is, if a requesting agency is looking for FBI, DOJ, Child Index, or all three, the cost will increase. The price will also be determined based on the requesting agency’s relationship with Verify Group, i.e., do they have an existing code and an account with Verify Group.

If you shop around, make sure you ask the right questions. Many fingerprinting services will quote you how much they charge for their rolling fees and fail to mention that you may be responsible for the DOJ and FBI fees. Some people get fooled into going to a less expensive fingerprinting location, only to realize that they are also responsible for these additional fees, which can add $45 – $94plus the quoted rolling fees.  Be sure to ask for total cost of the scan before your agree to the service. 

Verify Group will always quote you the full cost of the services. We will also itemize the list of services for you by request. Sharing your “Request for Live Scan” form will give us the information we need to provide you with a complete and accurate estimate.

Please call us at 408-761-2156 for an estimate or to get your questions answered.

Verify Group will always quote you the full cost of the services.

Our services are available on-site at your location for groups of 10 or more, or in our office, including same-day appointments. Book your appointment today! Call (408) 761-2156 for details.