Trust, but verify... we do Live Scan Fingerprinting!

Verify Group, Inc. is a Live Scan Fingerprinting Service and we take fingerprinting to a totally different level!  Campbell and the South Bay area's FIRST choice for LiveScan fingerprinting services!  This is what we do - fingerprints.  Providing a knowledgeable and polished staff, fingerprinting is no longer something to dread! Typically, fingerprinting takes no more than five - yes 5 - minutes and you are off and on your way! 

Established in 2008 and more than 500,000 fingers rolled, Verify Group, Inc. provides a professional and inviting atmosphere whether you come into our office or we come to you at your location.  Our goal is to provide the applicant, volunteer or business a fast, simple, convenient and professional experience each and every time.

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We offer a variety of services that go hand in hand with fingerprinting.

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  • What our clients say about us...


    I came by on Wednesday to get my fingerprinting done (the one that is going to be applying to medical schools soon and working for Bricks 4 Kids), whether you remember me or not (I'm sure you have many people come in each day), I'd really like to thank you for being so welcoming, and great spirited since the moment I came through the doors.

    You're very good at what you do, you are cordial, and I would recommend anyone to come here to get their fingerprints done, let alone just have a great conversation with you.

    Best Wishes, Willson"

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